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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates! Updates! Read all about it! (:

Job Confirmation:
Last Monday was my 6months probation review with my boss and supervisor. I'm now officially a CC+J Adhaus-er. The review helped me figure what do I really want for my career. The reason why I fancy designing, servicing & copy writing is because I want to be entrepreneur.

I really thank God for this job in this time of recession. The amount of learning I gained is unimaginable. I learned about how to make my designs practical, how client's have to like the designs & not just us as it's their money & company, about not taking to heart what client's mean feedback are but just take what's important (although I still hurt but I can take it), the seriousness of deadlines.

Oh ya, I heard from my colleague, Sharon that we're moving office to Ara Damansara next year! Wohooooo! No more traffic jams! Selangor holidays, here i comeeeeeee!

Lessons worth sharing:
Kor & I wanted to have dinner and catch 'Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs'. After fighting the loooooong jam home from work, we had to suffer the wrath of Pyramid's very limited parking space. I was so excited when I saw a parking spot!!! Oh goody! Just as I was going for a round so I don't go against the direction of traffic, a guy went against it and stole it. Argh! I was so mad and determined to vandalise his car. However, Kor stopped me and told me I would regret it. Nevertheless, I snapped at him but obeyed my elder sibling's advise. I instead wrote a note for the guy talking about how I am sorry for verbally threatening him and had good intentions for him as he was doing a wrong thing. Somehow it felt so much better. As anger can make you do lots of stupid things. That's how murder begins with too. Thank God for Kor. Btw, the movie was AWESOME! Love the humour, love the art direction!

Kor shared with me an interesting theory, the conversation went like this:
Kor: Do you believe 'heat' exist?
Fern: Yes
Kor: How do you know it does? Can you see it?
Fern: No, I can't. But I can feel it.

As for the theory, same goes with God. You don't see him but you know He exist. Cool eh?

Random design:
Tuesday night c mui msn-ed me and ask me to help her design a banner for her portfolio. Hehe being trained as an AE, i interrogated her for a job brief. Theme/colours/elements/content. Her answer was classy/black/hearts/wengsee'sportfolio. Nevertheless, I came up with this design within 30mins. It's not great but I think its pretty nice (:

Baby Poring's Birthday:
Last Saturday, we celebrated his 1st birthday! He's growing up so fast! Good looking betul la dia! Hehe just like the hot chiq mum! His hair is brown smr. Before the party, Godash and I went to pyramid and spent about RM600 on stuff but that's not the point. Will blog about that another time. Hehe focus focus. We were searching for the perfect gift for baby poring. It was actually quite funny cause I kept insisting that the gift has to be educational and Godash said baby poring is just 1. He also continue to say that I'll be the boring aunty that pressures aya to send him for kindergarten tuition. hahaha! Anyways, we bought him a FUN educational toy. It teaches him how to think as the toy can be stacked up and join together to form balls, teaches you colour and numbers too! Seeee, i'm the fun aunty! Fun aunty fern! see how well it goes! Anyways, i'm so glad he likes it! Btw, Campy sis makes fantastic gado-gado. Godash and I must have had about 6 plates!

Oh ya, Baby Poring was crying and crying cause Aya was busy at the moment so Ah Pau was holding him. Then Godash said to me "You're a woman, go carry him. Maybe he'll stop crying". Or something like that. So I did, and he really stopped crying! He played with my hands and all then he turned around and looked at me and pushed my head back and started to cry at the mummy aya impostor :P

Bumped in Joey today at Hartamas Shopping Center during my lunch break. Didn't know she has been working there for 3years!!! And I have been working there for 6months and we never bumped into one another! Should meet up with her for lunch (:

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Yesterday was Kin Teng & Reena's wedding.
I love to attend weddings.
It just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy (:
Plus, i caught the bride's bouquet after the dinner.
Wonder when will my turn be? hmmm..
Haha, probably in 5 years time?
Oh well, we'll see, we'll see.

Enjoy the pics & skit video by kor & i (:

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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Like what the title says :D enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Quick Annoucement!

Hey people!

I'll be acting in a play, "Oh Dad Poor Dad" at KLPAC 30/09-04/10, 8.30pm every night as a supporting cast. Weekends has two shows, 3pm & 8.30pm.

Do come watch! It's really good. Artistic and weird a bit but i like it :P Different from the normal plays we usually watch.

P.S. Godash is the lighting operator for the play too!

I can help you guys buy tickets first if your interested!

Click here for more info!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cheras Pasar Malam

Cheras Pasar Malam rocks! Super long with tons of good bargains! I went there last Wednesday with Godash, C Mui, her sister & Ricky. Was supposed to meet up with Aya there but the rain ruined our plans. Never the less, the short jalan-jalan session was still fun and memorable. Will definitely go again! Hopefully this coming Wednesday if my schedule looks free (: *drools*

Tomorrow night, C Mui is having small BBQ gathering. Can't wait to see the girls (: What to wear, what to wear!

Besides that, my room revamp project is near completion! It's pretty awesome compared to last time! Will upload pics of it when its 100% done.

Going to take my babies to get vaccinated now. Miss junior.